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We adopt a friendly yet professional approach to dealing with party wall matters and have acted for numerous clients, acting as surveyor to the building owner, adjoining owner and as Agreed Surveyor.

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Since 1997 and covers England and Wales.

The Party Wall Act is an act of parliament which came into force in 1997 and covers England and Wales. The Act grants certain rights to building owners to carry out works which may affect neighbouring properties. It also provides protection to neighbours who may have concerns about works being carried out close to their property.

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Notifiable works

There are three areas of building works, known as notifiable works, which fall under the scope of the Act:

1 – New walls astride or on the line of boundary.
2 – Works to an existing party wall.
3 – Excavations within three or six metres of a property which are deeper than the neighbouring foundations.

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Lives next door or in close proximity to the works

Under the Act, a building owner is defined as the person who is proposing to carry out building works. An adjoining owner is the person who lives next door or in close proximity to the works.

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You must inform your neighbours by serving a valid party wall notice in writing

If your proposed works fall under the scope of the Act, you must inform your neighbours in writing by serving a valid party wall notice in writing. If you fail to serve notice and commence works, your neighbours can obtain an injunction to stop the works, causing avoidable delays and adding cost to your project.

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You can dissent and appoint your own surveyor

If you have received a notice from your neighbour (building owner), you have a choice to either consent or dissent. If you consent, the building owner is free to commence works. If you have concerns and wish to ensure you are protected by the Act, you can dissent and appoint your own surveyor or use an Agreed Surveyor.

It is important to note that adjoining owners cannot use the Party Wall Act to prevent a building owner from carrying out works they have a right to undertake.

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Kind words of appreciation from our esteemed clients

Great job, very thorough. Highly recommended.
Mariano Robles (Music Alchemy)
April 15, 2021
They were very efficient, quick, detailed and personable. Andy took the time to explain the survey to me on the phone afterwards which i really appreciated.
Jacquetta Wheeler
March 24, 2021
We used Silver Grey to carry out a Level 3 building survey. Andy was very professional and produced a comprehensive report a short time after visiting the property. He was very informative when we had a follow up call to discuss the report in greater detail. I would highly recommend the services provided by Silver Grey.
Chris Ramsay
January 31, 2021
Very helpful full home survey report and service as a whole. They provided a quick turnaround and the report itself was very clear, detailed, and full of pictures. Andy also kindly offered his time in the evening for a chat through some of points in the report and to answer ay questions we had. He gave us his own personal views and didn't try to cover his back with various non-commital comments. Would highly recommend.
antoni michael
January 14, 2021
We've used Silver Grey for a Level 3 survey and had excellent service. Andy is super responsive and clear to deal with. The report was extremely comprehensive, clearly laid out, and easy to understand. Before going with silver grey I compared one of their reports with another surveyor and found it to be so much more readable and clear what the issues were. Highly recommended.
Kalbir Sohi
December 11, 2020
Andy carried out a very comprehensive building survey on our behalf. The survey was very thorough and Andy was very helpful with answering additional questions we had regarding our survey. We were extremely happy with the service provided by Andy & the Silver Grey team. We would not hesitate in using Silver Grey again.
December 9, 2020
Simply excellent service. A friend has recommended Silver Grey to us a, and we would totally recommend them in the future.
Ilya Dmitrichenko
December 7, 2020
Definitely recommend. Quick communication and service. They went above and beyond to talk us through their detailed survey.
Rosie Sorrell
October 30, 2020
Andy and his team were great to work with; everything you’d want from a home buyer’s survey - friendly, prompt, well-priced, informative and open about the whole process. The follow up phone call once I’d received the report was so helpful, Andy took time to explain all the findings, and talk me through how significant everything was, and whether we should worry or not. Really impressed. Thanks.
October 20, 2020
Andy and his team were simply fantastic from start to finish with our new build house over the 2-year project life. His attention to detail, wealth of experience and proactive approach kept the project on track on a number of levels; workmanship, budget, supplier management and so importantly dealt with my lender’s requirements and the mountain of paperwork and hoops we had to jump through. Quite simply without him as part of my team would have meant lengthy delays and I would have spent far more money than what I invested in him in order to achieve something nowhere near what we have. His recommendations when we faced challenges, including the problems that Covid-19 caused, saved a huge amount of time and having Andy as the liaison on awkward moments with the contractor really meant for a successful build. I can safely say that we would not have been able to complete the project without Andy and his team.
Elias Nicolas
October 11, 2020

Note: Reviews encompass all general surveying practice work undertaken by Silver Grey Associates Ltd. Please note, we no longer offer Level 3 Building Surveys.

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