Party wall Legal Glossary

Here are some commonly used terms in the context of party wall law:

Party Wall: A shared wall or structure that separates adjoining properties. It can also refer to a wall that stands on one owner’s land but is used by both owners.

Adjoining Owner: The owner of a property that adjoins or is near to the building owner’s property. They are typically the party receiving notice under the Party Wall Act.

Building Owner: The owner of the property intending to carry out notifiable works that fall under the scope of the Act.

Party Wall Agreement: Also known as a party wall award, it is a legally binding agreement between the building owner and the adjoining owner that sets out the rights and responsibilities of each party during the notifiable works.

Party Wall Notice: A written notice served by the building owner to the adjoining owner, informing them of the proposed construction or alteration work that falls under the scope of the Act.

Party Wall Surveyor: A suitably experienced and qualified professional appointed by either the building owner or the adjoining owner to assess the proposed works, serve and receive notices and facilitate the resolution of any disputes.

Party Wall Award: A legal document prepared by the appointed party wall surveyors or an agreed surveyor, confirming the timing and manner of the proposed works as well as stipulating any necessary rights, permissions, and safeguards.

Party Fence Wall: A wall that is not part of a building and stands astride the boundary between two properties, primarily used to enclose land.

Counter Notice: A notice served by the adjoining owner on the building owner specifying what additional or modified work they require to be carried out. The counter notice must be accompanied with all relevant information.

Access Notice: Also referred to as a Right of Entry notice, this is a notice served under Section 8 of the Act notifying the adjoining owner of their right of access to carry out notifiable works under the Act.

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