Party Wall

A party wall is a wall that separates two separate buildings. The Act refers to two types of part wall.

Types of Party Wall

Type A Party Wall

This type of party wall stands astride the boundary line of land belonging to two separate owners. This wall can form part of one building or separate two buildings. A type A party wall can also be an external garden wall which is built on the boundary line and sits on the land of each owner. This is referred to as a party fence wall.

Type B Party Wall

A type B party wall stands wholly on the land of one owner but is used by two owners to separate their buildings. An example of this is when one owner builds an extension wall wholly on their land up to the boundary line, and the neighbour then builds their extension wall up against it.

Party Fence Wall

A party fence wall is a wall that is not part of a building, but astride the boundary line on the land of two separate owners. A classic example of this is a brick built garden wall.

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